Published Work


Publication of Latest COVID-19 Findings

Stosic, M. D., Helwig, S. & Ruben, M. A. (2021). Greater belief in science predicts mask-wearing during COVID-19. Personality and Individual Differences.

Technology & Interpersonal Accuracy

Ruben, M. A., Correale, J., Stosic, M. D., Blanch-Hartigan, D. (2021). Is technology enhancing or hindering nonverbal communication skills?: A framework and preliminary results to examine the relationship between technology use and nonverbal decoding skill. Frontiers in Psychology.

LGBTQ & Veteran Health

Ruben, M. A., Kauth, M. R., Meterko, M., Norton, A. M., Matza, A. R., & Shipherd, J. C. (2021). Veterans’ reported comfort in disclosing sexual orientation and gender identity. Medical Care. 


Validation of a new workplace relevant interpersonal accuracy test

Dael, N., Schlegel, K., Weaver, A. E., Ruben, M. A., Schmid Mast M. (2022). The Workplace Interpersonal Perception Skill (WIPS) test: Validation of a performance measure of broad interpersonal accuracy. Journal of Research in Personality, 97.

Is empathy and burnout related in helping professionals?

Stosic, M. D., Blanch-Hartigan, D., Aleksanyan, T., Duenas, J., & Ruben, M. A. (2021). Empathy, friend or foe? Untangling the relationship between empathy and burnout in helping professions. Journal of Social Psychology.