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Dr. Morgan D. Stosic, PhD


Morgan D. Stosic received her B.S in Psychology from Oregon State University in 2019 and her Ph.D. from the University of Maine in 2023. Her research interests include the expression and perception of nonverbal behavior, with a focus on how individuals use nonverbal information to make first impression judgments of others. Within this broad area, she studies the basic processes involved in forming accurate impressions of another, as well as applied solutions that result from the inaccurate impressions of one another. She is currently a User (UX) Researcher at Collective Health.


Stosic, M. D., Duane, J. N., Durieux, B. N., Sando, M., Robicheaux, E., Podolski, M., Sanders, J. J., Ericson, J. D., & Blanch-Hartigan, D. (2022). Patient preference for telehealth background shapes impressions of physicians and information recall: a randomized experiment. Telemedicine and e-Health.

Stosic, M. D., Helwig, S., & Ruben, M. A. (2021). Greater belief in science predicts mask-wearing behavior during COVID-19. Personality and Individual Differences, 176, 110769.

Stosic, M. D., Fultz, A. A., Brown, J. & Bernieri, F. J., (2021). What is your empathy scale not measuring? The convergent, discriminant, and predictive validity of five empathy scales. Journal of Social Psychology. http://10.1080/00224545.2021.1985417

Stosic, M. D., Blanch-Hartigan, D., Aleksanyan, T., Duenas, J., & Ruben, M. A. (2021). Empathy, friend or foe? Untangling the relationship between empathy and burnout in helping professions. Journal of Social Psychology.\

Ruben, M. A., Stosic, M. D., Correale, J., & Blanch-Hartigan, D. (2021). Is technology enhancing or hindering interpersonal communication?: A framework and preliminary results to examine the relationship between technology use and nonverbal decoding skill. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 3800.

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Morgan Stosic: Our Team
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